A Journey to Calabria
Dartford → Calabria



A Journey to Calabria
Dartford → Calabria

by Nadia Perrotta


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39.76300384427489, 15.88395535544214


It is when I exit the last tunnel that my gaze opens towards that familiar blue
The blue that I know and that accompanies me on any journey
My teenage journey on the bus that took me to high school and the kids jokes
My first journey with the car just got the license
The journey to the gym in Certaro with my sister
The journey when we had absolutely nothing to do with my friends and drove around just to let the night pass by
The journey of when we stopped on the beach to greet the sunrise or the sunset
The journey on the motorbike with Antonio, which I liked when he was in uniform ... even if I hate war ... but he was in uniform only when he had to leave and every time it was a farewell, both of us indifferent by the fact that maybe we would never see each other again.
The train journey when I ran away to feel free ... because the air became suffocating and I dreamed of escaping to London ... but I found myself at Aunt Luisa's house in Naples
The hitchhiking trip of when you went to sea instead of school and air became intoxicated by us, by our years, and we intoxicated by the salty air ...
The journey that once took me away from my familiar blue

The hills in the distance rest gradually on the rocky beaches
My family tired of the journey comes back to life
Laughter and shouting become stronger
Even the rain seems less sad
The waves
The golden reflection of the sun
The cubic houses all white and sometimes yellow
The road that goes down in the curve
Every time I come back
I want to leave

Migration implies a radical way of experiencing uncertainty.It is of this uncertainty I am chanting the stories…

… Stories of uprooted memories where we are forced to live only our present, as John Berger would say in his book A Seventh Man, life has continued in our absence and we ourselves have changed. Though we may try to re-establish a unity between the reality exterior to us and the life that has gone by in what we still call “home”, we become recidivist, locked in our own static time.

Home is not where we left, it is a transcendent state in our mind, struggling to unify two different and parallels worlds, the one we left and the one we are living in.

A journey back home, is in reality a journey through my memories and an ultimate effort to reconnect with a broken past.

(excerpt from #goingawaycomingback https://nadiaperrotta.jimdo.com/performance/goingawaycomingback/)




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