Sonic Journey commissioned by The Modern House


Tom Bradbury Sonic Journey

For Issue No.6 of its magazine, The Modern House commissioned Tom Bradbury, a promising young composer, to write a piece of music informed by an important journey of his own.

The resulting composition, ‘Snowdon’, is inspired by a hike up Wales’ tallest mountain, taken by Tom shortly after the first Covid lockdown had lifted, with his father and brother. Wanting to convey the sense of freedom he felt on this journey, unbound from months at home and surrounded by wide open skies and the whirling wind, he has created a piece of ambient music that captures those soaring feelings in strings, synth and recorded sound – and the results are extraordinary.

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Sonic Journeys is a series of soundtracks to specific journeys conceived and produced by Sound UK. The series has commissioned artists to create new works in response to journeys that inspire them. We also encourage online submissions by members of the public in 'Your Sonic Journeys'. 


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